Don’t cross your streams, it’s a free floating full FUHcast. Bill slimes everyone with the Rundown before observing Jim’s allergic reaction to the FUHcast Studio. Bill describes his weekend of unconventional holiday decorating. Jim has been playing lots of Borderlands 2 on the PC because first person shooters are meant to be played on the PC. The guys talk about the futility of gift card gift exchanges. has poked it’s head into the movie news world with more rumors and speculation regarding Bill Murray’s involvement. The second installment in the new Star Trek franchise has a that has the internet nerds all hot under their transponders. seems to be a go, but there are very few known details as of yet. Speaking of movies, Jim has a new favorite movie podcast the . FUH reminices about how much they’ve learned in the year and 8 months since the first episode of FUHcast. A moment is taken to poke fun and the hideous, yet great, . Internet sensation Psy is taking his to the despite his previous anger over US foreign politics. Should we be paying this much attention to not so fascinating ? Justin Bieber’s manager is extremely upset that Justin was for a Grammy this year. The guys discuss the current state of music and if the fact that Bieber and is even eligible to be nominated nullifies the Grammy Awards in the first place. The guys play “What Does n Look Like?”. Bill attempts to describe what looks like today. The guy who created antivirus software kinda mighta killed someone. People have already started using 3D printers . And to close out the show, they guys discuss comic book legend and how he is selling his probably soon to expire soul to reality television. Empty that trap and come back next week!

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