Say your prayers, the FUHcast has risen! Jim blesses the show with a Rundown. The guys talk about the controversial “Happy Holidays” greetings and if people are too P.C. with their intolerance. A small discussion on horrible holiday music happens before discussing the 3rd accuser of Elmo performer . Jim reminds everyone that he is not a Joss Whedon fan and reviews the short lived Firefly series. FUH recounts the recent lottery drawing and how everyone in social media got fooled into things in the hopes of reaping false profits. CBS’s can’t seem to catch a break when the half a man, and denounces his career to whoever will watch and listen. Bill tells everyone (again) what he thinks about CBS’s Big Bang Theory and Jim tells you (again) why he loves NBC’s Community. are finally being boxed in for their own protection because the Germans thought it was a good idea. Jim nearly destroys this episode without using his hands. Dr. Phibil makes a brief appearance to endorse Town, Jim’s favorite nerd destination. To close out this beast, the guys discuss the and that are changing the way we consume all things entertainment. Cleanse your minds of this filth and come back for more next week!

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