Crafty as a mouse and dirtier than a dusty corpse, it’s your weekly dose of FUHcast! Bill traps you inside his sick brain with this episode’s Rundown. Jim sometimes wants to , but Bill reminds him that FUHcast just isn’t that type of show. Bill recounts his epic battle against a fury home intruder. Jim hasn’t been feeling so great lately, but that didn’t stop him from going to see Disney’s . The guys discuss the newly and extremely controversial (not in a good way) released trailer for Brad Pitt’s . calls into the FUHcast Hotline with a question about on of which gives Bill an idea for a project whose existence will depend on listener interest (hint: tell them if you want it!). FUH ponders the reasoning behind Microsoft’s . Step inside Imagination Theater and witness the ghost of Michael Jackson plead with his brother to not . Things get uncomfortable (for a number of reasons) as the the topic of closes out the show. Don’t forget to vote for FUHcast in the s! See ya next week!

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